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This is a list of literature reviews available in WikiPapers. Currently, there are 10 literature reviews.

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Literature reviews

Title Author(s) Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Estado del arte de la investigación sobre wikis Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada
Juan Manuel Dodero-Beardo
University of Cádiz Spanish December 2012 El interés de los investigadores por los wikis, en especial Wikipedia, ha ido en aumento en los últimos años. La primera edición de WikiSym, un simposio sobre wikis, se celebró en 2005 y desde entonces han aparecido multitud de congresos, workshops, conferencias y competiciones en este área. El estudio de los wikis es un campo emergente y prolífico.

Ha habido varios intentos, aunque con escaso éxito, de recopilar toda la literatura sobre wikis. Unas veces el enfoque o la herramienta utilizada eran limitados, otras debido a las dimensiones de la tarea el proyecto era abandonado y al poco tiempo los metadatos bibliográficos se perdían. En este trabajo presentamos WikiPapers, un proyecto colaborativo para recopilar toda la literatura sobre wikis. Se hace uso de MediaWiki y su extensión semántica, ambos conocidos por los investigadores de este campo. Hasta noviembre de 2012 se han recopilado más de 1.700 publicaciones y sus metadatos, además de documentación sobre herramientas y datasets relacionados. Los metadatos son exportables en los formatos BibTeX, RDF, CSV y JSON. Los historiales completos del wiki están disponibles para descargar y facilitar su preservación. El proyecto está abierto a la participación de todo el mundo.

El resto del trabajo se divide de la siguiente manera. En la sección 2 motivamos este trabajo haciendo un repaso a los distintos enfoques utilizados hasta ahora para recopilar toda la literatura sobre wikis, incidiendo en sus ventajas e inconvenientes. En la sección 3 detallamos los objetivos. En la sección 4 definimos algunos términos que servirán para comprender mejor el contenido. En la sección 5 presentamos WikiPapers, cómo funciona y qué pasos se han dado. En la sección 6 hacemos un estado del arte empleando WikiPapers. En la sección 7 repasamos las cuestiones que a día de hoy siguen abiertas o que han tenido poca atención hasta ahora. Finalmente, en la sección 8, terminamos con unas conclusiones y trabajo futuro.
28 0
What We Know About Wikipedia: A Review of the Literature Analyzing the Project(s) Nicolas Jullien Review of the literature
Online open community
Social Science Research Network English 7 May 2012 This article proposes a review of the literature analyzing Wikipedia as a collective system for producing knowledge. 0 1
The people's encyclopedia under the gaze of the sages: a systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia Chitu Okoli
Mohamad Mehdi
Mostafa Mesgari
Finn Årup Nielsen
Arto Lanamäki
Systematic literature review
Web 2.0
Social media
Online collaboration
Mass collaboration
Information retrieval
Information extraction
Natural Language Processing
Open content
Creative Commons
Online culture
Web references
English 2012 Wikipedia has become one of the ten most visited sites on the Web, and the world’s leading source of Web reference information. Its rapid success has inspired hundreds of scholars from various disciplines to study its content, communication and community dynamics from various perspectives. This article presents a systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia. We describe our detailed, rigorous methodology for identifying over 450 scholarly studies of Wikipedia. We present the WikiLit website (http wikilit dot referata dot com), where most of the papers reviewed here are described in detail. In the major section of this article, we then categorize and summarize the studies. An appendix features an extensive list of resources useful for Wikipedia researchers. 15 0
A Wikipedia Literature Review Owen S. Martin English 2011 This paper was originally designed as a literature review for a doctoral dissertation focusing on Wikipedia. This exposition gives the structure of Wikipedia and the latest trends in Wikipedia research. 0 0
Wikipedia research and tools: Review and comments Finn Årup Nielsen English 2011 I here give an overview of Wikipedia and wiki research and tools. Well over 1,000 reports have been published in the field and there exist dedicated scientific meetings for Wikipedia research. It is not possible to give a complete review of all material published. This overview serves to describe some key areas of research. The present version is a working draft. 36 1
A Brief Review of Studies of Wikipedia in Peer-Reviewed Journals Chitu Okoli Third International Conference on Digital Society English 2009 Since its establishment in 2001, Wikipedia, "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit" has become a cultural icon of the unlimited possibilities of the World Wide Web. Thus, it has become a serious subject of scholarly study to objectively and rigorously understand it as a phenomenon. This paper reviews studies of Wikipedia that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Among the wealth of studies reviewed, major sub-streams of research covered include: how and why Wikipedia works; assessments of the reliability of its content; using it as a data source for various studies; and applications of Wikipedia in different domains of endeavour. 25 1
Protocol for a systematic literature review of research on the Wikipedia Chitu Okoli
Kira Schabram
Literature review
Open content
Open source
International Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems English 2009 Context: Wikipedia has become one of the ten-most visited sites on the Web, and the world's leading source of Web reference information. Its rapid success has attracted over 1,000 scholarly studies that treat Wikipedia as a major topic or data source. Objectives: This article presents a protocol for conducting a systematic mapping (a broad-based literature review) of research on Wikipedia. It identifies what research has been conducted; what research questions have been asked, which have been answered; and what theories and methodologies have been employed to study Wikipedia. Methods: This protocol follows the rigorous methodology of evidence-based software engineering to conduct a systematic mapping study. Results and conclusions: This protocol reports a study in progress. 0 0
Researching Wikipedia ‐ Current approaches and new directions Phoebe Ayers Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology English 2006 Wikipedia (, an international, multi-lingual and collaboratively produced free online encyclopedia, has experienced massive growth since its inception in 2001. The site has become the world’s single largest encyclopedia as well as one of the world's most diverse online communities. Because of these factors, the site provides a unique view into the processes of collaborative work and the factors that go into producing encyclopedic content. To date, there has been no unified review of the current research that is taking place on and about Wikipedia, and indeed there have been few formal studies of the site, despite its growing importance. This project is a review of social science and information science studies of the site, focusing on research methods and categorizing the areas of the site that have been studied so far. Studies of Wikipedia have focused primarily on the social dynamics of contributors (such as how disputes are resolved and why contributors participate), and the content of Wikipedia (such as whether it is an accurate source), but due to the unique collaborative processes on Wikipedia these two areas are deeply intertwined. 17 0
Measuring Wikipedia Jakob Voss Wikipedia
International Conference of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics English 2005 Wikipedia, an international project that uses Wiki software to collaboratively create an encyclopaedia, is becoming more and more popular. Everyone can directly edit articles and every edit is recorded. The version history of all articles is freely available and allows a multitude of examinations. This paper gives an overview on Wikipedia research. Wikipedia's fundamental components, i.e. articles, authors, edits, and links, as well as content and quality are analysed. Possibilities of research are explored including examples and first results. Several characteristics that are found in Wikipedia, such as exponential growth and scale-free networks are already known in other context. However the Wiki architecture also possesses some intrinsic specialties. General trends are measured that are typical for all Wikipedias but vary between languages in detail. 12 11
Supporting knowledge management in organizations with conversational technologies: Discussion forums, weblogs, and wikis Christian Wagner
Narasimha Bolloju
Communications Technology
Digital Communication Systems
Group Discussion
Information Management
Information media
Knowledge management
Journal of Database Management English April 2004 Purpose - To explore conversational knowledge management (KM) and critically examine three technologies (discussion forums, Weblogs, Wikis) that can be used as media for KM.

Design/methodology/approach - The characteristics of discussion forums (one of the oldest knowledge sharing technologies), Weblogs (personal Web pages kept by the author in a reverse chronological order), and Wikis (a set of linked Web pages with software enabling its development), are compared. Carries out the comparison from the point of view of: speed of publication; ease of publication; knowledge representation/organization; team support; security; version management; and community of practice (CoP) fit. Compares the communication modes from the viewpoint of: mode of conversion; content indexing; and medium.

Findings - In order to maximize the benefits from these knowledge management technologies, it is first necessary to address certain technology-related and behaviour related issues trough further research and development.

Originality/value - Provides a concise comparison of two very new conversational knowledge management approaches with one traditional approach and so provides a valuable basis in the literature for further studies of the communication value of these newer approaches as well as ensuring an appropriate appreciation of the continuing value of discussion forums.
0 1