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This is a list of Python tools available in WikiPapers. Currently, there are 24 tools for this operating system.

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Tool Keyword(s) Language(s) Programming language(s) License Description Image
AVBOT English
Python GPL AVBOT is an anti-vandalism bot in Spanish Wikipedia. It uses regular expressions and scores to detect vandalism. Avbot logo.png
Alternative MediaWiki parsers English PHP
Alternative parsers is a compilation of various alternative MediaWiki parsers which are able or intended to translate MediaWiki's text markup syntax into something else.
Authorship Tracking None Python BSD License Authorship Tracking This code implements the algorithms for tracking the authorship of text in revisioned content that have been published in WWW 2013:

The idea consists in attributing each portion of text to the earliest revision where it appeared. For instance, if a revision contains the sentence "the cat ate the mouse", and the sentence is deleted, and reintroduced in a later revision (not necessarily as part of a revert), once re-introduced it is still attributed to its earliest author.

Precisely, the algorithm takes a parameter N. If a sequence of tokens of length equal or greater than N has appeared before, it is attributed to its earliest occurrence. See the paper for details.

The code works by building a trie-based representation of the whole history of the revisions, in an object of the class AuthorshipAttribution. Each time a new revision is passed to the object, the object updates its internal state and it computes the earliest attribution of the new revision, which can be then easily obtained. The object itself can be serialized (and de-serialized) using json-based methods.

To avoid the representation of the whole past history from growing too much, we remove from the object the information about content that has been absent from revisions (a) for at least 90 days, and (b) for at least 100 revisions. These are configurable parameters. With these choices, for the Wikipedia, the serialization of the object has size typically between 10 and 20 times the size of a typical revision, even for pages with very long revision lists. See paper for detailed experimental results.
ClueBot C
ClueBot is an anti-vandalism bot in English Wikipedia.
Commons explorer English Python
GPL Commons explorer is a tool map for exploring Wikimedia Commons multimedia files by location and year.
Images for biographies English Python
GPL Images for biographies is a tool that suggests images for biographies in several Wikipedias. English Python
Affero GPL (code)
Creative Commons (content) is a web tool in which you can compare Linguistic Points Of View (LPOV) of different language Wikipedias. For example (but this is just one of the many possible comparisons), are you wondering if the community of editors in the English, Arabic and Hebrew Wikipedias are crystallizing different histories of the Gaza War? Manypedia palestine en ar.png
MediaWiki Utilities English Python MIT license MediaWiki Utilities is a collection of utilities for working with XML data dumps generated for Wikimedia projects and other MediaWiki wikis.
Natural Language Toolkit English Python
Python-wikitools English Python GPL v3
Pywikipediabot English Python MIT license pywikipediabot is a wiki robot framework. It includes a lot of functions to interact with a MediaWiki wiki. It uses MediaWiki API when available.
StatMediaWiki English Python GPLv3 StatMediaWiki is a project that aims to create a tool to collect and aggregate information available in a MediaWiki installation. Results are static HTML pages including tables and graphics that can help to analyze the wiki status and development, or a CSV file for custom processing. General hour activity-wikihaskell.png
Wiki Loves Monuments map English Python
GPLv3 Wiki Loves Monuments map is a map with geolocated monuments that require images. These map were used in Wiki Loves Monuments contest.
Wiki Trip Python
Wiki Trip allows to have a trip in the process of creation of any Wikipedia page from any language edition of Wikipedia. WikiTrip is an interactive web tool empowering its users by providing an insightful visualization of two kinds of information about the Wikipedians who edited the selected page: their location in the world and their gender. Ok wikitrip screen 001 english cumulative.png
Wiki-network Python Open source Wiki-network is a set of ad hoc Python scripts.
Wiki2XML parser English Python Wiki2XML parser parsers Wikipedia dump file into well-structured XML.
Wikichron English Python Affero GPL (code) WikiChron is a web tool for the analysis and visualization of the evolution of wiki online communities. It uses processed data of the history dumps of mediawiki wikis, computes different metrics on this data and plot it in interactive graphs. It allows to compare different wikis in the same graphs.

This tool will serve investigators in the task of inspecting the behavior of collaborative online communities, in particular wikis, and generate research hypotheses for further and deeper studies. WikiChron has been thought to be very easy to use and highly interactive from the very first beginning. It comes with a bunch of already downloaded and processed wikis from Wikia (but any MediaWiki wiki is supported), and with more than thirty metrics to visualize and compare between wikis.

Moreover, it can be useful in the case of wiki administrators who want to see, analyze and compare how the activity on their wikis is going.

WikiChron is available online here:
WikiEvidens English Python GPLv3 WikiEvidens is a visualization and statistical tool for wikis. Wikievidens0.0.6.png
WikiTeam tools English Python WikiTeam tools is a set of tools focused in wiki preservation and backups.
WikiXRay Python WikiXRay is a robust and extensible software tool for an in-depth quantitative analysis of the whole Wikipedia project.
Wikia-census Python
Jupyter Notebooks
wikia-census A script to generate a census of all the Wikia's wikis.

Census collected and analysis here:

Source code here:
Wikimedia counter Python
GPL Wikimedia counter is a near real-time edit counter for all Wikimedia projects. Wikimedia projects edits counter 2010-04-16.png
Wikipedia Extractor English Python GPL v3
Wikiwho English Python MIT license Wikiwho Fast and accurate processing of revision differences for authorship detection. More information: Logo wikiwho transbg.png