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This is a list of Java tools available in WikiPapers. Currently, there are 18 tools for this operating system.

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Tool Keyword(s) Language(s) Programming language(s) License Description Image
Alternative MediaWiki parsers English PHP
Alternative parsers is a compilation of various alternative MediaWiki parsers which are able or intended to translate MediaWiki's text markup syntax into something else.
CryptoDerk's Vandal Fighter English Java Open source
DiffDB Java DiffDB are made of DiffIndexer and DiffSearcher.
JWordNet-Similarity English Java
Java Wikipedia Library English Java LGPL Java Wikipedia Library is an application programming interface that allows to access all information in Wikipedia.
STiki English Java GPL STiki is an anti-vandalism tool that consists of server-side detection algorithms and a client-facing GUI. STiki logo.png
Vandal Fighter English Java Vandal Fighter - Live RC.png
Weka Java GPL
Wiki Category Matrix Visualization English Java Educational Community License Wiki Category Matrix Visualization is a tool that generates a visual representation of data sizes across topics of a multi-level category hierarchy in matrix form. It provides a "big picture" overview of topics in terms of categorization. Matrix-visualization-simplewiki.png
Wiki Edit History Analyzer English Java Wiki Edit History Analyzer processes the MediaWiki revision history and produces summaries of edit actions performed. Basic edit actions include insert, delete, replace, and move; high-level edit actions include spelling correction, wikify, etc.
WikiAudit English Java GPL WikiAudit is a tool that given a Mediawiki wiki location, and set/range of IP addresses, produces a report of the edit history from those IPs. Cheap heuristics try to identify malicious behavior. Useful for network admins and conducting security investigations.
WikiSim English Java University of Edinburgh GNU license WikiSim is a knowledge collection and curation simulator.
WikiVis (FH-KL) Java GPL WikiVis (FH-KL) WikiVis is a tool to analyze Wikipedia based on several aspects. The main objective is to visualize the conclusions of this examination, which focuses on the editing frequency and relevance of articles and categories as well as the activity of users. Wikivis 0.5.jpg
WikiVis (UM) English Java Educational Community License
Version 2.0
WikiVis (UM) provides an interactive visualization of the Wikipedia information space, primarily as a means of navigating the category hierarchy as well as the article network. The project is implemented in Java, utilizing the Java 3D package. WikiVis-UM-Logo.jpg
Wikipedia-map-reduce English Java Apache License 2.0 Wikipedia-map-reduce is a java software library that allows analysis of Wikipedia at the revision-text level.
Wikiswarm English Java Wikiswarm generates code_swarm event logs from the Wikipedia API.
Wikokit Java EPLv1.0
New BSD License
wikokit (wiki tool kit) - several projects related to wiki.

wiwordik - machine-readable Wiktionary. A visual interface to the parsed English Wiktionary and Russian Wiktionary databases.
Java WebStart application + JavaFX, English interface.
742 languages extracted from the English Wiktionary.

423 languages extracted from the Russian Wiktionary.
Wiwordik-en.0.09.1094 scrollbox.jpg
Zawilinski Java Zawilinski a Java library that supports the extraction and analysis of grammatical data in Wiktionary.