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Link detection with wikipedia is a 2009 conference paper written in English by He J. and published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics).

[edit] Abstract

This paper describes our participation in the INEX 2008 Link the Wiki track. We focused on the file-to-file task and submitted three runs, which were designed to compare the impact of different features on link generation. For outgoing links, we introduce the anchor likelihood ratio as an indicator for anchor detection, and explore two types of evidence for target identification, namely, the title field evidence and the topic article content evidence. We find that the anchor likelihood ratio is a useful indicator for anchor detection, and that in addition to the title field evidence, re-ranking with the topic article content evidence is effective for improving target identification. For incoming links, we use exact match and retrieval method with language modeling approach, and find that the exact match approach works best. On top of that, our experiment shows that the semantic relatedness between Wikipedia articles also has certain ability to indicate links.

[edit] References

This publication has 0 references. Only those references related to wikis are included here: Mihalcea, R., Csomai, A.: Wikify!: linking documents to encyclopedic knowledge. In: CIKM 2007: Proceedings of the sixteenth ACM conference on information and knowledge management, pp. 233-242. ACM Press, New York (2007)Fissaha Adafre, S., de Rijke, M., Discovering missing links in Wikipedia (2005) Proceedings of LinkKDD, , Workshop

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