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Libby Veng-Sam Tang is an author from Macau.


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Wikis as Digital Ecosystems: An Analysis Based on Authorship Analysis
Collaborative authoring
Digital ecosystem
Third IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (DEST 2009), Istanbul, Turkey, 31 May - 3 June 2009 2009 Wikis, best represented by the popular and highly successfulWikipedia system, have established themselves as important componentsof a collaboration infrastructure. We suggest that the complex networkof user-contributors in volunteer-contributed wikis constitutes adigital ecosystem that bears all the characteristics typical of suchsystems. This paper presents an analysis supporting this notion basedon significance of authorship within the wiki. Our findings confirm thehypothesis that large volunteer-contributed wikis are digitalecosystems, and thus that the findings from the digital ecosystemsresearch stream are applicable to this type of system. 0 0
A Method for Measuring Co-authorship Relationships in MediaWiki Analysis
WikiSym English 2008 Collaborative writing through wikis has become increasingly popular in recent years. When users contribute to a wiki article they implicitly establish a co-authorship relationship. Discovering these relationships can be of value, for example in finding experts on a given topic. However, it is not trivial to determine the main co-authors for a given author among the potentially thousands who have contributed to a given author’s edit history. We have developed a method and algorithm for calculating a co-authorship degree for a given pair of authors. We have implemented this method as an extension for the MediaWiki system and demonstrate its performance which is satisfactory in the majority of cases. This paper also presents a method of determining an expertise group for a chosen topic. 5 2