Let me tell you something about (Y)our culture?

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Let me tell you something about (Y)our culture? is a 2010 conference paper written in English by Mac An Airchinnigh M. and published in Communications in Computer and Information Science.

[edit] Abstract

Each person is born into a culture that is mediated by the mother tongue. Further development of the person is often associated with schooling and education. At an early age some persons will come into contact with other cultures especially if living in a cosmopolitan city or through frequent travel. Such intercultural contact consists of exposure to another tongue, initially aural, and images of the other, perhaps in the form of dress, or architecture, and so on. In the digital world of 2010 those who surf the electronic wave constantly dip in and out of many cultures. Those who normally use Wikipedia in English might over time also refer to a version of an article in another tongue. Those who are frequent users of YouTube might be curious enough to watch a video clip in Turkish or in Greek as well as the usual English, in the context of a history lesson in school. Culture in the digital world needs to be supported and sustained. Are you looking for something? Try Google or Bing or...You have found something you want to share? Post a video clip, or a photograph, or a piece of music. But how shall we keep track of this digital culture? Why would we want to? In this paper we will address the fundamental problem of how to manage cultural information in an integrated fashion in the world of Art. To be specific we will use Bulgarian Art to inform one aspect of Turkish culture.

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