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Lena Lee is an author.


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Characterizing and curating conversation threads: Expansion, focus, volume, re-entry Comment threads
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WSDM 2013 - Proceedings of the 6th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining English 2013 Discussion threads form a central part of the experience on many Web sites, including social networking sites such as Facebook and Google Plus and knowledge creation sites such as Wikipedia. To help users manage the challenge of allocating their attention among the discussions that are relevant to them, there has been a growing need for the algorithmic curation of on-line conversations - - the development of automated methods to select a subset of discussions to present to a user. Here we consider two key sub-problems inherent in conversational curation: length prediction - - predicting the number of comments a discussion thread will receive - - and the novel task of re-entry prediction - - predicting whether a user who has participated in a thread will later contribute another comment to it. The first of these sub-problems arises in estimating how interesting a thread is, in the sense of generating a lot of conversation; the second can help determine whether users should be kept notified of the progress of a thread to which they have already contributed. We develop and evaluate a range of approaches for these tasks, based on an analysis of the network structure and arrival pattern among the participants, as well as a novel dichotomy in the structure of long threads. We find that for both tasks, learning-based approaches using these sources of information. 0 0
Teaching Innovations on Wikis: Practices and Perspectives of Early Childhood and Elementary School Teachers World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications (EDMEDIA) English 22 June 2009 The purpose of this study is to investigate how wikis are used in K-6 classrooms and to understand teachers’ perspectives of integrating wikis in the classroom. The methods used in this study included Web-based surveys. In this paper, the preliminary results of the Web-based survey (n=19) will be presented regarding teachers’ strategies, roles, motivations, and beliefs at school. This study is to investigate how wikis are integrated in elementary school classrooms. Our research questions are listed below: 1. What are the teachers’ motivations to create class wikis? What are their teaching goals by integrating wikis in teaching? 2. What are their personal beliefs behind their teaching innovation? 3. In the teachers’ class wikis, how do students contribute to wikis? 3 0