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Iranian EFL learners' vocabulary development through wikipedia Khany R.
Khosravian F.
English Language Teaching English 2014 Language teaching has passed through a long way in search of a remedy for language learners and teachers. Countless theories, approaches, and methods have been recommended. With all these, however, more inclusive L2 theories and models ought to be considered to come up with real classroom practices. One of such crucial practices is authenticity, being straightforwardly found in web-based materials in general and Wikipedia texts and tasks in particular. In the same line and based on sound theoretical underpinnings, the place of Wikipedia is investigated in this study as a prospective tool to teach and learn a major language component with practical procedures i.e. vocabulary knowledge. To this end, 36 intermediate Iranian EFL students assigned to two control and experimental groups took part in the study. The results of the tests administered divulged that the learners in the Wikipedia group surpassed those of the control group. Hence, Wikipedia is considered as an encouraging authentic resource to assist EFL learners in improving their vocabulary knowledge. Implications of present findings and suggestions for further research are discussed. 0 0
A Wikipedia-based corpus reference tool Jason Ginsburg HCCE English 2012 This paper describes a dictionary-like reference tool that is designed to help users find information that is similar to what one would find in a dictionary when looking up a word, except that this information is extracted automatically from large corpora. For a particular vocabulary item, a user can view frequency information, part-of-speech distribution, word-forms, definitions, example paragraphs and collocations. All of this information is extracted automatically from corpora and most of this information is extracted from Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is a massive corpus covering a diverse range of general topics, this information is probably very representative of how target words are used in general. This project has applications for English language teachers and learners, as well as for language researchers. 0 0
Wikis en lenguas para fines específicos y su traducción Bianca Vitalaru
Carmen Pena Díaz
Raquel Lázaro Gutiérrez
Revista de Docencia Universitaria Spanish 16 January 2010 Wiki Tools can become very useful for both second language teaching and learning in general, and translation, especially if we take into account the new challenges teachers have to face within the new European Space for Higher Education, in which they deal with a high number of students in class, with fewer onsite hours and with transversal competences added to an extensive programme. This is the reason why, on wiki tools, which allow work outside the classroom and through which students can carry out both individual and group projects while keeping virtual touch with their classmates and teachers are especially useful. Whereas these simple tools allow teachers to design attractive and useful activities with relatively little effort or basic IT knowledge, for the students they are a great opportunity to learn to work with IT both individually and in groups.

Along this chapter we will describe the tasks and activities which were designed and put into practice for various subjects within the Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication and Public Service Interpreting and Translation, and the English for specific purposes subjects within the undergraduate and graduate Degrees in Law at the University of Alcalá, with a special emphasis on their design process and the advantages and difficulties found, as well as the students’ response to them.

Las herramientas Wiki pueden llegar a ser muy útiles tanto en la enseñanza de lenguas en general como en la traducción, sobre todo si se tiene en cuenta que, hoy en día, dentro del nuevo marco del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior, los docentes tienen que enfrentarse a dificultades como grupos numerosos de alumnos, pocas clases presenciales y competencias transversales añadidas al contenido de las materias. Por este motivo, que una herramienta como las wikis, que permita trabajar fuera del aula y con la cual el estudiante puede realizar trabajos individuales y en grupo, conectado y en contacto con el resto de sus compañeros y profesores, resulta especialmente útil. Mientras que la sencillez de estas herramientas permite al docente diseñar actividades atractivas y útiles con un esfuerzo y conocimientos tecnológicos relativamente mínimos, para los estudiantes supone una gran oportunidad para aprender a trabajar con las TIC y de manera grupal y colaborativa.

En este capítulo se describen las tareas y actividades que se diseñaron y pusieron en práctica para las asignaturas del Máster Oficial en Comunicación Intercultural, Interpretación y Traducción en los Servicios Públicos y para las asignaturas de inglés para fines específicos del postgrado y grado de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Alcalá, centrándonos de manera especial en su diseño, las dificultades y ventajas que plantearon y la respuesta que se obtuvo por parte del alumnado.
9 0
Ensino de línguas e produção de texto: editando wikis e a Wikipédia Ana Elisa Ferreira Ribeiro
Carlos Frederico de Brito d’Andréa
Línguas na Web: links entre ensino e aprendizagem Portuguese 2010 0 0
The wiki - A virtual home base for constructivist blended learning courses S.Beercock Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences English 2010 0 0