La négociation contre la démocratie : le cas Wikipedia

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La négociation contre la démocratie : le cas Wikipedia is a 2014 journal article written in French by Pierre-Carl Langlais and published in Négociations.

[edit] Abstract

The first pillar of Wikipedia stresses that « Wikipedia is not a democracy ». The wikipedian communities tend to view democracy and polling as the alter ego (if not the nemesis) of negociation and consensual thought. This article questions the validity and the motives of such a specific conception. Using the conceptual framework of Arend Lijphart, it describes the emergence of a joint-system, which includes elements of majoritarian democracy into the general setting of a consensual democracy. The unconditional rejection of democratic interpretation seems to have its own social use : it allows a pragmatic acclimation of pre-existent procedures in the static political system.

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