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Kyo Kageura is an author from Japan. Profile: Born in Sapporo, Japan. Graduated from the University of Tokyo and UMIST, UK. Main research topics are: terminology, library and information studies, language and media, NLP, translation studies, developing translation-aid systems.

Awards & Honors: Jun 2010 Nagao Award, Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation Winner: Kyo Kageura, Takeshi Abekawa, Masao Utiyama (Minna no Hon'yaku Development and Management Team) 2007 Outstanding Presentation Award, Association for Natural Language Processing 2007 Mushroom Quiz Top Prize, Saitama Forest Supporters' Club 2001 Japan Society of Library and Information Science Award

Books: Handbook of Terminology Kyo Kageura (Part:Joint Work, Terminology and lexicography (p. 45-59)) John Benjamins Oct 2014 The Quantitative Analysis of the Dynamics and Structure of Terminologies Kyo Kageura John Benjamins Dec 2012 The Dynamics of Terminology Kyo Kageura John Benjamins 2002