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Kurt Luther is an author.


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Leadership and success factors in online creative collaboration IEEE Potentials English 2011 Social computing systems have enabled new and wildly successful forms of creative collaboration to take place. Two of the best-known examples are Wikipedia and the open-source software (OSS) movement. Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, boasts millions of articles (over 3.6 million just in English) written by thousands of volunteers collaborating via the Internet. The OSS movement, also fueled mainly by volunteer online collaboration, has produced some of the worlds most powerful and important software applications, including the Apache HTTP Server, the Linux operating system, and the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. 0 0
ProveIt: A new tool for supporting citation in MediaWiki WikiSym English 2009 ProveIt is an extension to the Mozilla Firefox browser designed to support editors in citing sources in Wikipedia and other projects that use the MediaWiki platform. Copyright 0 0
ProveIt: a new tool for supporting citation in MediaWiki WikiSym English 2009 0 0
Supporting and transforming leadership in online creative collaboration Animation
Online creative collaboration
GROUP'09 - Proceedings of the 2009 ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Supporting Group Work English 2009 Behind every successful online creative collaboration, from Wikipedia to Linux, is at least one effective project leader. Yet, we know little about what such leaders do and how technology supports or inhibits their work. My thesis investigates leadership in online creative collaboration, focusing on the novel context of animated movie-making. I first conducted an empirical study of existing leadership practices in this context. I am now designing a Web-based collaborative system, Sandbox, to understand the impact of technological support for centralized versus decentralized leadership in this context. My expected contributions include a comparative investigation of the effects of different types of leadership on online creative collaboration, and a set of empirically validated design principles for supporting leadership in online creative collaboration. 0 0
Leadership in online creative collaboration Animation
Online creative collaboration
English 2008 Leadership plays a central role in the success of many forms of online creative collaboration, yet little is known about the challenges leaders must manage. In this paper, we report on a qualitative study of leadership in three online communities whose members collaborate over the Internet to create computer-animated movies called "collabs." Our results indicate that most collabs fail. Collab leaders face two major challenges. First, leaders must design collabora-tive projects. Second, leaders must manage artists during the collab production process. We contrast these challenges with the available empirical research on leadership in open-source software and Wikipedia, identifying four themes: originality, completion, subjectivity, and ownership. We conclude with broader implications for online creative col-laboration in its many forms. Copyright 2008 ACM. 0 0