Kondenzer: Exploration and visualization of archived social media

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Kondenzer: Exploration and visualization of archived social media is a 2014 conference paper written in English by Alonso O., Khandelwal K. and published in Proceedings - International Conference on Data Engineering.

[edit] Abstract

Modern social networks such as Twitter provide a platform for people to express their opinions on a variety of topics ranging from personal to global. While the factual part of this information and the opinions of various experts are archived by sources such as Wikipedia and reputable news articles, the opinion of the general public is drowned out in a sea of noise and 'un-interesting' information. In this demo we present Kondenzer - an offline system for condensing, archiving and visualizing social data. Specifically, we create digests of social data using a combination of filtering, duplicate removal and efficient clustering. This gives a condensed set of high quality data which is used to generate facets and create a collection that can be visualized using the PivotViewer control.

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