Knowledge-rich Word Sense Disambiguation Rivaling Supervised Systems

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Knowledge-rich Word Sense Disambiguation Rivaling Supervised Systems is a 2010 conference paper by Roberto Navigli Simone Ponzetto and published in Proceedings of the 48th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2010), Uppsala, Sweden.

[edit] Abstract

One of the main obstacles to high-performance Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) is the knowledge acquisition bottleneck. In this paper, we present a methodology to automatically extend WordNet with large amounts of semantic relations from an encyclopedic resource, namely Wikipedia. We show that, when provided with a vast amount of high-quality semantic relations, simple knowledge-lean disambiguation algorithms compete with state-of-the-art supervised WSD systems in a coarse-grained all-words setting and outperform them on gold-standard domain-specific datasets.

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