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Joseph M. Reagle is an author.


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Title Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Critical Point of View: A Wikipedia Reader Institute of Network Cultures English 2011 For millions of internet users around the globe, the search for new knowledge begins with Wikipedia. The encyclopedia’s rapid rise, novel organization, and freely offered content have been marveled at and denounced by a host of commentators. Critical Point of View moves beyond unflagging praise, well-worn facts, and questions about its reliability and accuracy, to unveil the complex, messy, and controversial realities of a distributed knowledge platform. 0 4
Gender Bias in Wikipedia and Britannica International Journal of Communication English 2011 0 0
Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia MIT Press English 2011 Wikipedia's style of collaborative production has been lauded, lambasted, and satirized. Despite unease over its implications for the character (and quality) of knowledge, Wikipedia has brought us closer than ever to a realization of the centuries-old pursuit of a universal encyclopedia. Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia is a rich ethnographic portrayal of Wikipedia's historical roots, collaborative culture, and much debated legacy. 0 6
"Be Nice": Wikipedia norms for supportive communication Collaboration
New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia English 2010 Wikipedia is acknowledged to have been home to some bitter disputes. Indeed, conflict at Wikipedia is said to be "as addictive as cocaine". Yet, such observations are not cynical commentary but motivation for a collection of social norms. These norms speak to the intentional stance and communicative behaviors Wikipedians should adopt when interacting with one another. In the following pages, I provide a survey of these norms on the English Wikipedia and argue that they can be characterized as supportive based on Jack Gibb's classic communication article "Defensive Communication". 0 1
TIMELINES: Wikipedia: the happy accident Interactions English 2009 Joseph Reagle's work on Wikipedia and its predecessors opened my eyes to a fascinating history. I'm delighted he has provided this account of the origin of the most interesting digital object since the Web itself. {---Jonathan} Grudin 0 0
Wikipedia: The happy accident Interactions 2009 Some of the significant issues associated with the development and success of Wikipedia as an encyclopedia are discussed. Jimmy Wales Larry Sanger were the professionals who were involved in the initial development of Wikipedia, the wiki-based encyclopedia. One of the most significant features of the encyclopedia was that it was able to be edited by any user without any problem. Some of the challenges associated with the web needed to be understood to understand the success of Wikipedia as an effective encyclopedia. The two professionals in the development of the encyclopedia overcame several challenges to develop it and ensure its success. 0 1
Workshop on interdisciplinary research on Wikipedia and wiki communities Wikipedia
Wiki communities
Workshop wiki communities
WikiSym English 2008 0 0
Do As I Do: Authorial Leadership in Wikipedia WikiSym English 2007 0 0
Wikipedia's heritage: vision, pragmatics, and happenstance English 2005 This essay explores development of globally available digital reference works from their first imaginings to contemporary cases. My hope in undertaking such a project is to identify technical and social aspects of digital reference work production that can contribute to an understanding of a prominent contemporary exemplar, the Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia. Why did it take over 50 years for the vision of "[w]holly new forms of encyclopedias" (Bush 1945: §8) to be realized? The answer, presented in this essay, was that it required an alignment of a coherent goal, technical practicality, and serendipity: vision, pragmatics, and happenstance. 0 0