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Johannes Hoffart is an author.


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YAGO2: A spatially and temporally enhanced knowledge base from Wikipedia Information extraction
Knowledge bases
Spatio-temporal facts
Artificial Intelligence English 2013 We present YAGO2, an extension of the YAGO knowledge base, in which entities, facts, and events are anchored in both time and space. YAGO2 is built automatically from Wikipedia, GeoNames, and WordNet. It contains 447 million facts about 9.8 million entities. Human evaluation confirmed an accuracy of 95% of the facts in YAGO2. In this paper, we present the extraction methodology, the integration of the spatio-temporal dimension, and our knowledge representation SPOTL, an extension of the original SPO-triple model to time and space. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. 0 0
An architecture to support intelligent user interfaces for Wikis by means of Natural Language Processing Wiki
Content organization
Natural Language Processing
User interaction
WikiSym English 2009 0 0