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Jesús Tramullas is an author from Spain.


Only those publications related to wikis are shown here.
Title Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Competencias informacionales básicas y uso de Wikipedia en entornos educativos Wikipedia
Information literacy
Gestión de la Innovación en Educación Superior/Journal of Innovation Management in Higher Education Spanish 2016 This paper reviews the relationship of Wikipedia with educational processes, thereby adopting an approach based on the approximation that offers information literacy approach. To this end it is necessary to: a) review the common criticism of Wikipedia; b) review the basic concepts of information literacy; c) propose a generic integration framework of Wikipedia in teaching and learning. To do this, aims to establish a blueprint for the design, implementation and development of processes and actions of information literacy, integrated into the core educational process, using Wikipedia. Finally, suggests the use of information literacy as a continuous element within the overall process of teaching and learning. 0 0
Organización del conocimiento en entornos wiki: una experiencia de organización de información sobre lecturas académicas Wiki
Higher education
User generated content
Organización del conocimiento: sistemas de información abiertos. Actas del XII Congreso ISKO España y II Congreso ISKO España y Portugal Spanish 2015 This paper reviews the informational behavior of a community of university students during the development of a learning activity with a wiki. Through a case study, analyzes the data available on the wiki, and identifies patterns of creating and organizing content. The wiki study is also done within the information management framework proposed by Rowley. The findings support the conclusion that students apply the principle of economy of effort in their informational behavior, guided by the assessment requirements of that activity, and Rowley's proposal is not suitable for analyzing and evaluating educational processes technologically mediated. 0 0
Wikipedia como objeto de investigación Wikipedia
Research literature
Anuario ThinkEPI Spanish 2015 This short paper analyzes Wikipedia as an object of scientific research, contrasting various studies dealing with that popular encyclopedia. The conclusion is that Wikipedia, as a manifestation of collaborative production and consumption of knowledge, is a valid subject of scientific research. 0 0
Pautas para la implementación de wikis para el desarrollo colaborativo de sistemas de buenas prácticas Wiki
Best practices
Estudios de Información, Documentación y archivos. Homenaje a la profesora Pilar Gay Molins Spanish 2014 This paper reviews the basic principles for developing collections of best practices through a wiki tool. Details several previous works, and proposes a pattern of generation and development of these types of resources. 0 0
Organización de información en herramientas wiki: aplicación de ontologías en wikis semánticos Semantic wiki
IX Congreso ISKO España, Nuevas perspectivas para la difusión y organización del conocimiento, Univ. Politécnica de Valencia Spanish 2009 This work checks the methods and techniques applied to software tools and platforms known as semantic wikis. It is carried out a revision of the available bibliography on the subject and the main features provided for the several tools have been pointed out. The analysis let us to confirm the variety of the semantic methods and techniques put into practice, and that the available products, in present-day status, they are not ready to be used by management information systems yet. 0 0
Wikis Semánticos Semantic wiki Codina, L., Marcos, M.C., Pedraza, R. (coords.) Web semántica y sistemas de información documental. Gijón: Trea Spanish 2009 0 0
Gestión documental con plataformas wiki Wiki sofware
Document management
Congreso Internacional de Información INFO 2008, La Habana Spanish 2008 This paper reviews the concept and definition of wiki, a type of tool for collaborative information management. Details its features and technical characteristics, and proposes an integrated planning and development method for developing wiki-based digital information services. 0 0
Wikis: MediaWiki MediaWiki Tramullas, J. y Garrido, P. (coords.), Software libre para servicios de información digital. Madrid: Prentice Hall, Spanish 2006 0 0