Is your ontology a burden or a gem? - towards xtreme ontology engineering

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Is your ontology a burden or a gem? - towards xtreme ontology engineering is a 2011 conference paper written in English by Tatarintseva O., Ermolayev V., Fensel A. and published in CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

[edit] Abstract

One of the commonly acknowledged shortcomings of Semantic Technologies that prevents their wide adoption in industry is the lack of the commitment by the intended domain experts and users. This shortcoming becomes even more influential in the domains that change sporadically and require appropriate changes in the respective knowledge representations. This discussion paper argues that a more active involvement of the intended user community, comprising subject experts in the domain, may substantially ease gaining the required commitment of the critical mass of the domain users to the developed domain ontology. As a possible approach for building an instrumental platform for that, the paper suggests the use of the Semantic MediaWiki based collaboration infrastructure for maintaining and discussing ontology descriptions by the community of its intended users and developers. We also report how a prototypical ontology documentation wiki has been used for gaining the commitment of ontology users in the ACTIVE European project.

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