Is Wikipedia a Relevant Model for E-Learning?

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I Wikipedia a Relevant Model for E-Learning? is a 2013 article written in English by Pierre-Carl Langlais.

[edit] Abstract

This article gives a global appraisal of wiki-based pedagogic projects. The growing influence of Wikipedia on students’ research practices have actually made these a promising area for educational research.

A compilation of data published by 30 previous academic case studies reveals several recurrent features. Wikis are not so easily adopted: most wiki learning programs begin by a slow initial phase, marked by a general unwillingness to adapt to an unusual environment. Some sociological factors, like age and, less clearly, gender may contribute to increase this initial reluctance.

In spite of their uneasiness, wikis proved precious tools on one major aspect: they give a vivid representation of scientific communities. Students get acquainted with some valuable epistemic practices and norms, such as collaborative work and critical thought. While not improving significantly the memorization of information, wikis clearly enhance research abilities.

This literature review can assist teachers in determining whether the use of wiki fits their pedagogic aims.

[edit] References

This publication has 10 references. Only those references related to wikis are included here:

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