Integration of communities into process-oriented structures

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Integration of communities into process-oriented structures is a 2005 journal article written in English by Kohler A., Fuchs-Kittowski F. and published in Journal of Universal Computer Science.

[edit] Abstract

This article aims at the integration of communities of practice into work processes. Linear structures are often inappropriate for the execution of knowledge intensive tasks and work processes. The latter are characterized by non-linear sequences and dynamic, social interaction. But for the work in communities of practice the leading path, that is needed for structuring the work, is often missing. Our article exposes the requirements in order to integrate the dynamic, social processes of the knowledge generation in communities of practice with formal described knowledge intensive processes. For the support of communities the Wiki-concept is introduced. In order to integrate communities into process structures a concept for an appropriate interface is presented. On the basis of this interface concept an information retrieval algorithm is used to connect the process-oriented structures with community-oriented structures. The prototype realisation of this concept is shown by a short example. © J.UCS.

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