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Competencias informacionales básicas y uso de Wikipedia en entornos educativos Jesús Tramullas Gestión de la Innovación en Educación Superior/Journal of Innovation Management in Higher Education Spanish 2016 This paper reviews the relationship of Wikipedia with educational processes, thereby adopting an approach based on the approximation that offers information literacy approach. To this end it is necessary to: a) review the common criticism of Wikipedia; b) review the basic concepts of information literacy; c) propose a generic integration framework of Wikipedia in teaching and learning. To do this, aims to establish a blueprint for the design, implementation and development of processes and actions of information literacy, integrated into the core educational process, using Wikipedia. Finally, suggests the use of information literacy as a continuous element within the overall process of teaching and learning. 0 0
Changes in college students' perceptions of use of web-based resources for academic tasks with Wikipedia projects: A preliminary exploration Traphagan T.
Traphagan J.
Neavel Dickens L.
Resta P.
Interactive Learning Environments English 2014 Motivated by the need to facilitate Net Generation students' information literacy (IL), or more specifically, to promote student understanding of legitimate, effective use of Web-based resources, this exploratory study investigated how analyzing, writing, posting, and monitoring Wikipedia entries might help students develop critical perspectives related to the legitimacy of Wikipedia and other publicly accessible Web-based resources for academic tasks. Results of survey and interview data analyses from two undergraduate courses indicated that undergraduate students typically prefer using publicly accessible Web-based resources to traditional academic resources, such as scholarly journal articles and books both in print and digital form; furthermore, they view the former as helpful academic tools with various utilities. Results also suggest that the Wikipedia activity, integrated into regular course curriculum, led students to gain knowledge about processes of Web-based information creation, become more critical of information on the Web, and evaluate the use of publicly accessible Web-based resources for academic purposes. Such changes appear more conspicuous with first year than with upper division students. The findings suggest that experiential opportunities to grapple with the validity of publicly accessible Web-based resources may prepare students better for their college and professional careers. The study results also indicate the need for integrating multiple existing frameworks for IL into one comprehensive framework to better understand various aspects of students' knowledge, use, and production of information from cognitive and technical perspectives and for a variety of purposes. 0 0
Designing information savvy societies: An introduction to assessability Andrea Forte
Andalibi N.
Park T.
Willever-Farr H.
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings English 2014 This paper provides first steps toward an empirically grounded design vocabulary for assessable design as an HCI response to the global need for better information literacy skills. We present a framework for synthesizing literatures called the Interdisciplinary Literacy Framework and use it to highlight gaps in our understanding of information literacy that HCI as a field is particularly well suited to fill. We report on two studies that lay a foundation for developing guidelines for assessable information system design. The first is a study of Wikipedians', librarians', and laypersons' information assessment practices from which we derive two important features of assessable designs: Information provenance and stewardship. The second is an experimental study in which we operationalize these concepts in designs and test them using Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk). 0 0
Wiki Technology Enhanced Group Project to Promote Active Learning in a Neuroscience Course for First-Year Medical Students: An Exploratory Study Mi M.
Gould D.
Medical Reference Services Quarterly English 2014 A wiki group project was integrated into a neuroscience course for first-year medical students. The project was developed as a self-directed, collaborative learning task to help medical students review course content and make clinically important connections. The goals of the project were to enhance students' understanding of key concepts in neuroscience, promote active learning, and reinforce their information literacy skills. The objective of the exploratory study was to provide a formative evaluation of the wiki group project and to examine how wiki technology was utilized to enhance active and collaborative learning of first-year medical students in the course and to reinforce information literacy skills. 0 0
Exploring the Cautionary Attitude Toward Wikipedia in Higher Education: Implications for Higher Education Institutions Bayliss G. New Review of Academic Librarianship English 2013 This article presents the research findings of a small-scale study which aimed to explore the cautionary attitude toward the use of Wikipedia in the process of learning. A qualitative case study approach was taken, using literature review, institutional documentation, and semi-structured interviews with five members of academic teaching staff from a UK Business School. Analysis found the reasons for the cautionary attitude were due to a lack of understanding of Wikipedia, a negative attitude toward collaborative knowledge produced outside academia, and the perceived detrimental effects of the use of Web 2.0 applications not included in the university suite. 0 0
Integrating Wikipedia projects into IT courses: Does Wikipedia improve learning outcomes? Patten K.
Keane L.
18th Americas Conference on Information Systems 2012, AMCIS 2012 English 2012 Many college students are advised to not use Wikipedia in any class research projects. However, studies into the pedagogical value of using Wikipedia to achieve course learning outcomes have shown promising results. The Wikipedia Foundation established the Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative (WPPI) in Spring 2010 to explore its potential value to improve information literacy, collaborative learning, and student engagement. By May 2011, more than 800 students at 24 U.S. universities participated in the pilot project. The WPPI was renamed the Global Education Program (GEP) and expanded in August 2011 to include 60 American courses in many academic disciplines. This exploratory paper describes the experiences of students and professors in two GEP information Technology courses at the University of South Carolina. Using student and faculty reflections, this paper addresses the potential learning outcome benefits and the potential issues using Wikipedia projects in the classroom. As the first step of a larger longitudinal study, the paper also recommends improvements for continuing the integration of Wikipedia projects in future courses. 0 0
Computer literacy as life skills for a web 2.0 world Turk J. SIGCSE'11 - Proceedings of the 42nd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education English 2011 This paper presents an innovative computer literacy course that focuses solely on developing skills needed for life in a networked world in which one must protect oneself from identity theft, be careful posting on social networks, and use credit and debit cards wisely. The course emphasizes ethical responsibility and information literacy. Its target audience, first-year, non-computer science majors, learn what they need to know to use technology safely, effectively, efficiently, and ethically. The course is grounded in active learning, such as posting in a class wiki, and critical thinking. It is a radical alternative to a traditional software packages approach. The paper documents the need for this course, The Digital Person, and its blend of content and pedagogy. Data from three years of offering the course provide an assessment of its effectiveness and value to those who have taken it. A review of SIGCSE literature in the last ten years finds no representation of this creative approach. 0 0
Contrasts in student engagement, meaning-making, dislikes, and challenges in a discovery-based program of game design learning Rebecca Reynolds
Caperton I.H.
Educational Technology Research and Development English 2011 This implementation study explores middle school, high school and community college student experiences in Globaloria, an educational pilot program of game design offered in schools within the U. S. state of West Virginia, supported by a non-profit organization based in New York City called the World Wide Workshop Foundation. This study reports on student engagement, meaning making and critique of the program, in their own words. The study's data source was a mid-program student feedback survey implemented in Pilot Year 2 (2008/2009) of the 5 year design-based research initiative, in which the researchers posed a set of open-ended questions in an online survey questionnaire answered by 199 students. Responses were analyzed using inductive textual analysis. While the initial purpose for data collection was to elicit actionable program improvements as part of a design-based research process, several themes emergent in the data tie into recent debates in the education literature around discovery-based learning. In this paper, we draw linkages from the categories of findings that emerged in student feedback to this literature, and identify new scholarly research questions that can be addressed in the ongoing pilot, the investigation of which might contribute new empirical insights related to recent critiques of discovery based learning, self-determination theory, and the productive failure phenomenon. 0 0
Posibilidades de Wikipedia en la docencia universitaria: elaboración colaborativa de conocimiento Tomás Saorín-Pérez
María Verónica de Haro de San Mateo
Juan-Antonio Pastor-Sánchez
IBERSID Spanish 2011 A guide for Wikipedia student edition as a collaborative active learning activity is presented. Whereas the use of wikis in the classroom is widely documented, the educational possibilities of Wikipedia itself are not so much. We offer a classification of participatory activities suitable for being carried out by the students in the development of the curricular contents. One of the most relevant aspects is the transformation of the critical and distrustful speech towards the Wikipedia in a direct knowledge of its scope, process of production and systems of quality control. In addition, it is a good opportunity to improve a widespread source of information among university undergraduates that has a real impact and for the students to develop a more critical and active use of information sources. 0 2
Improving Wikipedia's credibility: References and citations in a sample of history articles Brendan Luyt
Daniel Tan
J. Am. Soc. Inf. Sci. Technol. English 2010 This study evaluates how well the authors of Wikipedia history articles adhere to the site’s policy of assuring verifiability through citations. It does so by examining the references and citations of a subset of country histories. The findings paint a dismal picture. Not only are many claims not verified through citations, those that are suffer from the choice of references used. Many of these are from only a few US government Websites or news media and few are to academic journal material. Given these results, one response would be to declare Wikipedia unsuitable for serious reference work. But another option emerges when we jettison technological determinism and look at Wikipedia as a product of a wider social context. Key to this context is a world in which information is bottled up as commodities requiring payment for access. Equally important is the problematic assumption that texts are undifferentiated bearers of knowledge. Those involved in instructional programs can draw attention to the social nature of texts to counter these assumptions and by so doing create an awareness for a new generation of Wikipedians and Wikipedia users of the need to evaluate texts (and hence citations) in light of the social context of their production and use. 11 2
Mediating at the student-wikipedia intersection Rand A.D. Journal of Library Administration English 2010 Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia. The encyclopedia is openly edited by registered users. Wikipedia editors can edit their own and others' entries, and some abuse of this editorial power has been unveiled. Content authors have also been criticized for publishing less than accurate content. Educators and students acknowledge casual use of Wikipedia in spite of its perceived inaccuracies. Use of the online encyclopedia as a reference resource in scholarly papers is still debated. The increasing popularity of Wikipedia has led to an influx of research articles analyzing the validity and content of the encyclopedia. This study provides an analysis of relevant articles on academic use of Wikipedia. This analysis attempts to summarize the status of Wikipedia in relation to the scope (breadth) and depth of its contents and looks at content validity issues that are of concern to the use of Wikipedia for higher education. The study seeks to establish a reference point from which educators can make informed decisions about scholarly use of Wikipedia as a reference resource. © A. D. Rand. 0 0
Campus career collaboration: Do the research. Land the job Dugan M.
Bergstrom G.
Doan T.
College and Undergraduate Libraries English 2009 Purdue University's Management and Economics Library (MEL) recognized a unique opportunity to build a strong collaboration among campus units in the career development area, enhancing students' interviewing abilities and employment opportunities. The products and services presented in this article focus on MEL's unique campuswide collaboration with twelve campus libraries and thus far eight career units in the creation and implementation of a Career Wiki. The Career Wiki, both a library product and service, offers electronic access to career resources, and it effectively increases use of all library collections and information resources, thereby adding to the services each career unit offers. 0 0
Confessions of a librarian or: How i learned to stop worrying and love Google Gunnels C.B.
Sisson A.
Community and Junior College Libraries English 2009 Have you ever stopped to think about life before Google? We will make the argument that Google is the first manifestation of Web 2.0, of the power and promise of social networking and the ubiquitous wiki. We will discuss the positive influence of Google and how Google and other social networking tools afford librarians leading-edge technologies and new opportunities to teach information literacy. Finally, we will include a top seven list of googlesque tools that no librarian should be without. 0 0
Using blogs and wikis in a graduate public health course Cobus L. Medical Reference Services Quarterly English 2009 Blogs and wikis are examples of Web 2.0 technology that facilitate collaboration in the online world. In the health sciences, the emergence of these social tools potentially increases the risk of generating harmful or biased information. Therefore, it is the health professional's responsibility to have the skills to critically appraise Web content that has not undergone traditional peer review. This was the focus in a three-credit graduate Urban Public Health course taught by a librarian and was addressed with assignments using blog and wiki technology within the course management tool Blackboard. The assignments fostered comprehension of the issues surrounding blogs and wikis as they relate to public health. 0 0
Putting Wikipedia to the Test: A Case Study Michael P. Pender
Kaye E. Lasserre
Lisa M. Kruesi
Christopher Del Mar
Satyamurthy Anuradha
The Special Libraries Association Annual Conference English 16 June 2008 BACKGROUND: As guiding students’ use of clinical information resources is an important role of the medical program, we wondered how well Wikipedia, given its popularity with students, compared with long-standing resources.

METHODS: Blinded to the information resources, medical academics compared conjunctivitis, multiple sclerosis and otitis media entries from Wikipedia against those from AccessMedicine, eMedicine and UpToDate, using a scale developed to rank their accuracy, coverage, concision, currency and suitability for medical students. Medical librarians assessed their accessibility and usability.

RESULTS: The entries in Wikipedia, in comparison with the other resources, were easy to access, navigate and well presented. Although reasonably concise and current, they failed to cover key aspects of two of the topics, and contained some factual errors. Wikipedia was thus judged unsuitable for medical students. AccessMedicine entries were judged the most suitable resources for medical students by two of the reviewers; the third was critical of the lack of emphasis on empirical data.

CONCLUSIONS: Wikipedia was found currently unsuitable for medical students in isolation from other medical information resources. Traditional information resources would be improved by having in-text referencing to strengthen the link to evidence. Perhaps experts should contribute more to Wikipedia to ensure it provides best information.
6 3
Information literacy: Moving beyond Wikipedia Welker A.L.
Quintiliano B.
Geotechnical Special Publication English 2008 In the past, finding information was the challenge. Today, the challenge our students face is to sift through and evaluate the incredible amount of information available. This ability to find and evaluate information is sometimes referred to as information literacy. Information literacy relates to a student's ability to communicate, but, more importantly, information literate persons are well-poised to learn throughout life because they have learned how to learn. A series of modules to address information literacy were created in a collaborative effort between faculty in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Villanova and the librarians at Falvey Memorial Library. These modules were integrated throughout the curriculum, from sophomore to senior year. Assessment is based on modified ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) outcomes. This paper will document the lessons learned in the implementation of this program and provide concrete examples of how to incorporate information literacy into geotechnical engineering classes. Copyright ASCE 2008. 0 0
Using wikipedia to teach information literacy Jennings E. College and Undergraduate Libraries English 2008 Today's college student often starts his research by using a search engine. Because of this, Wikipedia is increasingly becoming the go-to reference resource for the newest generation of students. However, many students do not know about the problems (e.g., vandalism) associated with this tool other than ambiguous warnings from librarians and faculty who say that it should not be used for research. Librarians and faculty should help remove the stigma associated with Wikipedia by embracing this Website and its imperfections as a way to make information literacy instruction valuable for the twenty-first-century student. 0 0
MediaWiki open-source software as infrastructure for electronic resources outreach Jackson M.
Blackburn J.D.
McDonald R.H.
Reference Librarian English 2007 This article describes the bundling of MediaWiki into the electronic resource access strategy to enable custom content that supports online training and course-based information literacy objectives. © 2007 by The Haworth Press, Inc. All rights reserved. 0 0