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Dataset Size Language Description
Wikipedia Historical Attributes Data 5.5 GB English Wikipedia Historical Attributes Data contains all attribute-value pairs of infoboxes out of English Wikipedia articles since 2003. It holds more than 500 million attribute changes.


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Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Discovering missing semantic relations between entities in Wikipedia Xu M.
Zhe Wang
Bie R.
Jing-Woei Li
Zheng C.
Ke W.
Zhou M.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2013 Wikipedia's infoboxes contain rich structured information of various entities, which have been explored by the DBpedia project to generate large scale Linked Data sets. Among all the infobox attributes, those attributes having hyperlinks in its values identify semantic relations between entities, which are important for creating RDF links between DBpedia's instances. However, quite a few hyperlinks have not been anotated by editors in infoboxes, which causes lots of relations between entities being missing in Wikipedia. In this paper, we propose an approach for automatically discovering the missing entity links in Wikipedia's infoboxes, so that the missing semantic relations between entities can be established. Our approach first identifies entity mentions in the given infoboxes, and then computes several features to estimate the possibilities that a given attribute value might link to a candidate entity. A learning model is used to obtain the weights of different features, and predict the destination entity for each attribute value. We evaluated our approach on the English Wikipedia data, the experimental results show that our approach can effectively find the missing relations between entities, and it significantly outperforms the baseline methods in terms of both precision and recall. 0 0
WHAD: Wikipedia historical attributes data: Historical structured data extraction and vandalism detection from the Wikipedia edit history Enrique Alfonseca
Guillermo Garrido
Delort J.-Y.
Penas A.
Language Resources and Evaluation English 2013 This paper describes the generation of temporally anchored infobox attribute data from the Wikipedia history of revisions. By mining (attribute, value) pairs from the revision history of the English Wikipedia we are able to collect a comprehensive knowledge base that contains data on how attributes change over time. When dealing with the Wikipedia edit history, vandalic and erroneous edits are a concern for data quality. We present a study of vandalism identification in Wikipedia edits that uses only features from the infoboxes, and show that we can obtain, on this dataset, an accuracy comparable to a state-of-the-art vandalism identification method that is based on the whole article. Finally, we discuss different characteristics of the extracted dataset, which we make available for further study. 0 0