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Iman Saleh is an author.


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Towards a collaborative business process management methodology Agile Business Process
Business Process Management
International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems -Proceedings English 2011 The agility of organizations increasingly depends on their ability to set up new business processes or to modify existing ones in a dynamic manner, and rapidly adapt their information systems to these process changes. This paper proposes a new agile business process management methodology, which is part of a multidisciplinary research project - AGILe busIness PrOcess (AGILIPO). It is argued that existing business process (BPM) methodologies do not offer the necessary flexibility or agility and that new approaches are required. The new methodology is inspired on goal-orientation complemented by a classificatory framework, aimed at introducing standardization and reducing the time and effort required in the process identification phase. Wiki-based technology is proposed as the basis upon which to build a collaborative approach to business process mapping, design and re-design, supplemented by folksonomy to provide ontological support. Finally, the methodology adopts an approach to validation, which is embedded in the previous phases of process identification, mapping and design. 0 0
Classifying Wikipedia articles into NE's using SVM's with threshold adjustment NEWS English 2010 0 0