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Iassen Halatchliyski is an author.


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Explaining authors' contribution to pivotal artifacts during mass collaboration in the Wikipedia's knowledge base Artifact
Mass collaboration
Network analysis
International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning English 2014 This article discusses the relevance of large-scale mass collaboration for computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) research, adhering to a theoretical perspective that views collective knowledge both as substance and as participatory activity. In an empirical study using the German Wikipedia as a data source, we explored collective knowledge as manifested in the structure of artifacts that were created through the collaborative activity of authors with different levels of contribution experience. Wikipedia's interconnected articles were considered at the macro level as a network and analyzed using a network analysis approach. The focus of this investigation was the relation between the authors' experience and their contribution to two types of articles: central pivotal articles within the artifact network of a single knowledge domain and boundary-crossing pivotal articles within the artifact network of two adjacent knowledge domains. Both types of pivotal articles were identified by measuring the network position of artifacts based on network analysis indices of topological centrality. The results showed that authors with specialized contribution experience in one domain predominantly contributed to central pivotal articles within that domain. Authors with generalized contribution experience in two domains predominantly contributed to boundary-crossing pivotal articles between the knowledge domains. Moreover, article experience (i.e., the number of articles in both domains an author had contributed to) was positively related to the contribution to both types of pivotal articles, regardless of whether an author had specialized or generalized domain experience. We discuss the implications of our findings for future studies in the field of CSCL. © 2013 International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc. and Springer Science+Business Media New York. 0 0
Divergent and convergent knowledge processes on wikipedia Connecting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning to Policy and Practice: CSCL 2011 Conf. Proc. - Short Papers and Posters, 9th International Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conf. English 2011 The paper presents a new theoretical consideration of knowledge processes bridging the individual and the collective level. Building on a differentiation between accommodation and assimilation of knowledge in wikis, we derive divergence and convergence from intelligence and creativity research and reconstruct their impact on the open-ended development of knowledge. The distinction from related CSCL constructs is elaborated. Using examples from Wikipedia, the definition of divergence and convergence is illustrated in the dynamic context of article development. 0 0
Social network analysis of collaborative knowledge creation in wikipedia Connecting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning to Policy and Practice: CSCL 2011 Conf. Proc. - Community Events Proceedings, 9th International Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conf. English 2011 This paper presents my dissertation project on online socio-cognitive networks. My focus of interest is on collaborative knowledge creation in Wikipedia, the Web 2.0 application with enormous impact in the spheres of human learning and knowledge. The online encyclopedia presents a unique field for studying processes of large-scale mass collaboration. This development is of great interest to psychology among many other disciplines. Accordingly, my dissertation is directed at studying the interaction of social and cognitive processes intersecting the levels of individuals, groups and communities. In order to unveil the interaction mechanisms I am taking up a network level perspective utilizing social network analysis metrics and methodology for psychological research questions about knowledge creation. 0 0
Who integrates the networks of knowledge in Wikipedia? WikiSym English 2010 In the study presented in this article we investigated two related knowledge domains, physiology and pharmacology, from the German version of Wikipedia. Applying the theory of knowledge building to this community, we studied the authors of integrative knowledge. Network analysis indices of betweenness and closeness centrality were calculated for the network of relevant articles. We compared the work of authors who wrote exclusively in one domain with that of authors who contributed to both domains. The position of double-domain authors for a knowledge building wiki community is outstanding. They are not only responsible for the integration of knowledge from a different background, but also for the composition of the single-knowledge domains. Predominantly they write articles which are integrative and central in the context of such domains. 17 1