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Iadh Ounis is an author.


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Bieber no more: First Story Detection using Twitter and Wikipedia Twitter
Event Detection
English 2012 Twitter is a well known source of information regarding breaking news stories. This aspect of Twitter makes it ideal for identifying events as they happen. However, a key problem with Twitter-driven event detection approaches is that they produce many spurious events, i.e., events that are wrongly detected or simply are of no interest to anyone. In this paper, we examine whether Wikipedia (when viewed

as a stream of page views) can be used to improve the quality of discovered events in Twitter. Our results suggest that Wikipedia is a powerful filtering mechanism, allowing for easy blocking of large numbers of spurious events. Our results also indicate that events within Wikipedia tend to lag

behind Twitter.
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Collaborative editing and linking of astronomy vocabularies using semantic mediawiki CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2010 The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) comprises 17 Virtual Observatory (VO) projects and facilitates the creation, coordination and collaboration of standards promoting the use and reuse of astronomical data archives. The Semantics working group in the IVOA has repurposed five existing vocabularies (modelled using SKOS), capturing concepts within specific areas of astronomy expertise and applications. A major task however, is to promote the uptake of these semantic representations within the Astronomy community, and further, to let astronomers model (and in turn create links from) their own custom vocabularies to use these existing definitions. In this paper we show how Semantic Mediawiki (SMW) can be used to support expert interaction in the lifecycle of vocabulary creation, linking, and maintenance. 0 0