I love legal history: Web 2.0 and the teaching of law

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I love legal history: Web 2.0 and the teaching of law is a 2009 Note written in English by Davis F.F., Loasby I.D. and published in Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education.

[edit] Abstract

This article examines the use of a student-generated study guide, produced in the form of a wiki, in the newly devised Legal History module delivered at the University of Sheffield, School of Law for the first time in 2008. The practical, pedagogic and philosophical justifications for employing this method of student learning are considered. Methodologically the article employs a reflective stance, drawing on lecturer and student experience. It outlines the educational and technical means employed in the module development. The article does more than simply describe the creation of a new module; rather it provides a broader justification for the use of wikis in legal education and in the process explores concepts of mass collaboration and collective intelligence.

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