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Hyunwoo Kim is an author.


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Title Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
FolksoViz: A Semantic Relation-Based Folksonomy Visualization Using the Wikipedia Corpus Folksonomy
Collaborative tagging
Semantic Relation
Web 2.0
SNPD English 2009 0 0
FolksoViz: A subsumption-based folksonomy visualization using the wikipedia Journal of KISS: Computing Practices 2008 Folksonomy, which is created through the collaborative tagging from many users, is one of the driving factors of Web 2.0. Tags are said to be the web metadata describing a web document. If we are able to find the semantic subsumption relationships between tags created through the collaborative tagging, it can help users understand the metadata more intuitively. In this paper, targeting del.icio.us tag data, we propose a method named {FolksoViz} for deriving subsumption relationships between tags by using Wikipedia texts. For this purpose, we propose a statistical model for deriving subsumption relationships based on the frequency of each tag on the Wikipedia texts, and {TSD} {(Tag} Sense Disambiguation) method for mapping each tag to a corresponding Wikipedia text. The derived subsumption pairs are visualized effectively on the screen. The experiment shows that our proposed algorithm managed to find the correct subsumption pairs with high accuracy. 0 0
Folksoviz: a subsumption-based folksonomy visualization using wikipedia texts Collaborative tagging
Web 2.0
World Wide Web English 2008 0 0