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Hsinchun Chen is an author.


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Trends Controversies Business and Market Intelligence 2.0 IEEE Intelligent Systems 2010 Business Intelligence {(BI),} a term coined in 1989, has gained much traction in the {IT} practitioner community and academia over the past two decades. According to Wikipedia, {BI} refers to the skills technologies applications and practices used to support decision making" {(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business\_intelligence).} On the basis of a survey of 1400 {CEOs} the Gartner Group projected {BI} revenue to reach {US\$3} billion in 2009. Through {BI} initiatives businesses are gaining insights from the growing volumes of transaction product inventory customer competitor and industry data generated by enterprise-wide applications such as enterprise resource planning {(ERP)} customer relationship management {(CRM)} supply-chain management {(SCM)} knowledge management collaborative computing Web analytics and so on. The same Gartner survey also showed that {BI} surpassed security as the top business {IT} priority in 2006." 0 0