How wikis can be used to manage knowledge in SMEs: A case study

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How wikis can be used to manage knowledge in SMEs: A case study is a 2011 literature review written in English by Razmerita L., Kirchner K. and published in Business Information Review.

[edit] Abstract

Companies are exploring new ways of knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication with employees, partners and customers, using social media tools like wikis, blogs or social networks. This article briefly reviews the literature concerning the introduction of social media into organizations and reports a small case study in an IT consulting company following the introduction of a wiki-based solution into its daily practices. The usage of the wiki and its impact on knowledge work are explored. The authors then compare the findings from the literature review with those from the case study. The comparison shows that introducing knowledge processes can start 'bottom-up' through an initiative to better manage personal knowledge. Furthermore, the articulation of personal and collective knowledge is possible synergistically and in a more transparent manner.

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