How smart is a smart card?

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How smart is a smart card? is a 2008 literature review written in English by Naone E. and published in Technology Review.

[edit] Abstract

Simson L. Garfinkel explores Wikipedia's epistemology and discovers that, far from being the free-for-all, the world's most popular reference is decidedly rigid. In its effort to ensure accuracy, Wikipedia relies entirely on verifiability, requiring that all factual claims include a citation to another published source. There are, of course, times when the consensus view and the truth align perfectly. The problem is how to determine when this is the case. This diversity of thought and action is what Wikipedia has tried to establish in building its vast and ever-expanding knowledge base. By letting anyone contribute, regardless of his or her credentials, it runs the risk that absurdities, inconsistencies, and misinformation will flourish. H. B. Phillips, the former head of MIT mathematics department, reveals that when there is considerable difference of opinion, there is no evidence that the intellectuals supply any better answers than ordinary people.

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