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Hans van Vliet is an author from the Netherlands.


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Ontology-based software architecture documentation Architectural knowledge retrieval
Semantic wiki
Software architecture documentation
Software architecture knowledge
Software ontologies
Proceedings of the 2012 Joint Working Conference on Software Architecture and 6th European Conference on Software Architecture, WICSA/ECSA 2012 English 2012 A common approach to software architecture documentation in industry projects is the use of file-based documents. This approach offers a single-dimensional perspective on the architectural knowledge contained. Knowledge retrieval from file-based architecture documentation is efficient if the perspective chosen fits the needs of the readers, it is less so if the perspective does not match the needs of the readers. In this paper we describe an approach aimed at addressing architecture documentation retrieval issues. We have employed a software ontology in a semantic wiki optimized for architecture documentation. We have evaluated this ontology-based approach in a controlled industry experiment involving software professionals. The efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed approach is found to be better than that of the file-based approach. 0 0
Building roadmaps: A knowledge sharing perspective Architecture
Knowledge sharing
Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering English 2011 Roadmapping is a process that involves many stakeholders and architects. In an industry case, we have found that a major challenge is to exchange timely knowledge between these people. We report a number of knowledge sharing scenarios in the roadmapping process. In order to address these issues, we propose a codification mechanism that makes use of a semantic wiki to facilitate knowledge sharing. 0 0
Experiences with Semantic Wikis for Architectural Knowledge Management Architectural knowledge management
Semantic wiki
Experience report
WICSA English 2011 In this paper, we reflect on our experiences with using semantic wikis for architectural knowledge management in two different contexts: e-government and distributed software development. Whereas our applications of semantic wikis in e-government focus on organizing and structuring architectural knowledge for reuse, the applications in distributed software development focus on searching and querying architectural knowledge. Yet, the emerging research challenges - alignment of knowledge models, knowledge versioning, change acknowledgements - are very similar. 0 0
Software architecture documentation: The road ahead Knowledge sharing
Semantic wiki
Software architecture documentation
Proceedings - 9th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture, WICSA 2011 English 2011 The basic format in which software requirements and architecture designs are documented is essentially file-based, and it has persisted for decades. Current indexing methods used in file-based documentation are not conducive to retrieving software knowledge. We propose to index software documents with a suitable lightweight ontology to improve the retrieval and traceability of software knowledge. Initial results from a prototype implementation have shown promising prospects. 0 0