HCI aspects of social media in collaboration of software developers

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HCI aspects of social media in collaboration of software developers is a 2013 journal article written in English by Savkovic M., Stavljanin V., Minovic M. and published in International Journal of Engineering Education.

[edit] Abstract

While collaborating using social networks, software developers are stimulated not only to consume content but to create it as well. Software developers are often geographically dispersed and therefore work in different time zones. Besides collaborating using standard means of communication they are often engaged in a very interactive process involving not only their immediate colleagues but also other members of social networks as well. HCI aspects of social media in collaborating environments are still to be explored. Latest mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) with high-resolution displays and impressive specifications offer possibilities for HCI change when it comes to social media and Web 2.0 applications. Software developers began using forums then Wikis and now are relying more and more on micro-blogging and social networks. They are stimulated to consume as well as create new content and their status changes when they solve problems and help others.

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