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Gustaf Neumann is an author.


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Exploring collective DSL integration in a large situated IS: Towards comprehensive language integration in information systems DSL
Language integration
Semantic enterprise wiki
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series English 2014 In large situated information system instances, a great variety of stakeholders interact with each other via technology, constantly shaping and refining the information system. In the course of such a system's history, a range of domain-specific languages may have been incorporated. These language means are often not sufficiently integrated on an ontological level leading to syntactical and conceptual redundancies and impeding a shared understanding of the systems' functionalities. In this paper, we present our ambitions towards a language integration approach that aims at mitigating this problem. We exemplify it in the context of an existing educational information system instance. 0 0
From a Social Wiki to a Social Workflow System English 2009 This paper presents an approach for using wikis in an organizational context and a proto-type implementation for developing a wiki-based workflow system. We provide general considerations and requirements for changing a wiki’s application context from public to organizational and will describe consequences for wiki architecture and policy management. The presented workflow system is based on an open-source wiki tool and is targeted at collaborative workflow design and activity management. 0 0