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Guangquan Zhang is an author.


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Creating and managing ontology data on the web: A semantic wiki approach Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2007 The creation of ontology data on web sites and proper management of them would help the growth of the semantic web. This paper proposes a semantic wiki approach to tackle this issue. Desirable functions that a semantic wiki approach should implement to offer a better solution to this issue are discussed. Along with that, some key problems such as usability, data reliability and data quality are identified and analyzed. Based on that, a system framework is presented to show how such functions are designed. These functions are further explained along with the description of our implemented prototype system. By addressing the identified key problems, our semantic wiki approach is expected to be able to create and manage web ontology data more effectively. 0 0
Creating and managing ontology data on the web: a semantic wiki approach WISE English 2007 0 0