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On Measuring Malayalam Wikipedia Vasudevan T V International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology English September 2014 Wikipedia is a popular, multilingual, free internet encyclopedia. Anyone can edit articles in it. This paper presents an overview of research in the Malayalam edition of Wikipedia. History of Malayalam Wikipedia

is explained first. Different research lines related with Wikipedia are explored next. This is followed by an analysis of Malayalam Wikipedia’s fundamental components such as Articles, Authors and Edits along with

Growth and Quality. General trends are measured comparing with Wikipedias in other languages.
0 0
The category structure in Wikipedia: To analyze and know how it grows Wang Q.
Xiaolong Wang
Zheng Chen
Wang R.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2013 Wikipedia is a famous encyclopedia and is applied to a lot of famous fields for many years, such as natural language processing. The category structure is used and analyzed in this paper. We take the important topological properties into account, such as the connectivity distribution. What's the most important of all is to analyze the growth of the structure from 2004 to 2012 in detail. In order to tell about the growth, the basic properties and the small-worldness is brought in. Some different edge attachment models based on the properties of nodes are tested in order to study how the properties of nodes influence the creation of edges. We are very interested in the phenomenon that the data in 2011 and 2012 is so strange and study the reason closely. Our results offer useful insights for the structure and the growth of the category structure. 0 0
The singularity is not near: slowing growth of Wikipedia Bongwon Suh
Gregorio Convertino
Ed H. Chi
Peter Pirolli
WikiSym English 2009 Prior research on Wikipedia has characterized the growth in content and editors as being fundamentally exponential in nature, extrapolating current trends into the future. We show that recent editing activity suggests that Wikipedia growth has slowed, and perhaps plateaued, indicating that it may have come against its limits to growth. We measure growth, population shifts, and patterns of editor and administrator activities, contrasting these against past results where possible. Both the rate of page growth and editor growth has declined. As growth has declined, there are indicators of increased coordination and overhead costs, exclusion of newcomers, and resistance to new edits. We discuss some possible explanations for these new developments in Wikipedia including decreased opportunities for sharing existing knowledge and increased bureaucratic stress on the socio-technical system itself. 0 13
The Collaborative Organization of Knowledge 2008 Wikipedia is an ongoing endeavor to create a free encyclopedia through an open computer-mediated collaborative effort. A longitudinal study of Wikipedia's evolution shows that although Wikipedia's scope is increasing, its coverage is not deteriorating. This can be explained by the fact that referring to an non-existing entry typically leads to the establishment of an article for it. Wikipedia's evolution also demonstrates the creation of a large real world scale-free graph through a combination of incremental growth and preferential attachment. 0 1
Measuring Wikipedia Jakob Voss International Conference of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics English 2005 Wikipedia, an international project that uses Wiki software to collaboratively create an encyclopaedia, is becoming more and more popular. Everyone can directly edit articles and every edit is recorded. The version history of all articles is freely available and allows a multitude of examinations. This paper gives an overview on Wikipedia research. Wikipedia's fundamental components, i.e. articles, authors, edits, and links, as well as content and quality are analysed. Possibilities of research are explored including examples and first results. Several characteristics that are found in Wikipedia, such as exponential growth and scale-free networks are already known in other context. However the Wiki architecture also possesses some intrinsic specialties. General trends are measured that are typical for all Wikipedias but vary between languages in detail. 12 16