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Generating Article Placeholders from Wikidata for Wikipedia: Increasing Access to Free and Open Knowledge is a 2016 diploma thesis by Lucie-Aimée Kaffee and published in International Media and Computing, HTW Berlin.

[edit] Abstract

The major objective of this thesis is to increase the access to open and free knowledge in Wikipedia by developing a MediaWiki extension called Arti- clePlaceholder. ArticlePlaceholders are content pages in Wikipedia auto-generated from information provided by Wikidata. The criterias for the extension were developed with a requirement analysis and subsequently implemented. This thesis gives an introduction on the fundamentals of the project and includes the personas, scenarios, user-stories, non-functional and functional requirements for the requirement analysis. The analysis was done in order to implement the features needed to achieve the goal of providing more information for under-resourced languages. The implementation of these requirements is the main part of the following thesis.

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