Gaming against the greater good

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Gaming against the greater good is a 2009 journal article by Ryan McGrady and published in First Monday, , Number 2 - 2 February 2009.

[edit] Abstract

Wikipedia has grown to be one of the most visited Web sites in the world. Despite its influence on popular culture and the way we think about knowledge production and consumption, the conversation about why and how it works —or whether it’s credible at all — is ongoing. This paper began as an examination of what the concept of “authority” means in Wikipedia and what role rhetoric might play in manufacturing this authority. But Wikipedia’s editors have functioned well as a community, having collaboratively developed a comprehensive set of social norms designed to place the project before any individual. Hence ideas like authority and rhetoric have only marginal roles in day–to–day activities. This paper takes an in–depth look at these norms and how they work, paying particular attention to a relatively new guideline that exemplifies the spirit of the Wikipedia community — “Gaming the system.”.

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