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Improving modern art articles on Wikipedia, a partnership between Wikimédia France and Centre Georges Pompidou Sylvain Machefert Préconférence IFLA 2014 - Bibliothèques d'art French 2014 The Centre Georges Pompidou is a structure in Paris hosting the "Musée National d'Art Moderne", largest museum for modern art in Europe. Wikimédia France is a French organization working on promoting Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, by organizing trainings or conducting partnerships for example. The project described in this proposal has been led by the GLAM (Galleries Libraries Archives and Museums) working group of Wikimédia France and Pompidou museum curators. 3 0
Análisis de enlaces hacia Bibliotecas y Archivos Digitales de Patrimonio Cultural desde Wikipedia en español y catalán Tomás Saorín-Pérez
Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada
BiD: textos universitaris de biblioteconomia i documentació Spanish July 2012 Objetivo. Describir y evaluar el uso en Wikipedia de enlaces a las colecciones digitalizadas en bibliotecas,

archivos y otras instituciones culturales.

Metodología. El estudio se realiza sobre la totalidad de los artículos de las ediciones en español y catalán de Wikipedia, usando una herramienta de análisis de wikis. Se realiza una selección amplia de 81 colecciones digitales españolas de diferente alcance. También se toman datos de otros proyectos de digitalización para poder comparar los resultados.

Resultados. Se muestra una presencia aún débil de enlaces desde Wikipedia, excepto para la Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes, cuyas magnitudes son sensiblemente diferentes. Algunas colecciones especializadas son más usadas, pero en general se aprecia una falta de atención hacia estas colecciones desde el colectivo de editores de Wikipedia, lo cual debería tenerse en cuenta en el desarrollo de los

proyectos de digitalización tipo Europeana.
5 0
Wiki Loves Monuments 2011: the experience in Spain and reflections regarding the diffusion of cultural heritage Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada
Ángel González Berdasco
Jorge A. Sierra Canduela
Santiago Navarro Sanz
Tomás Saorín-Pérez
Digithum Spanish
May 2012 Wikipedia came into being in cyberspace. Its early years were marked by asynchronous work by users located all over the world who hardly ever related on a personal level outside the net. With time, some of the volunteers met at what were called wikimeetups, encounters initially aimed at tightening bonds which did not bring about any direct improvement to the project content. Face-to-face initiatives later took place that involved not just volunteers but also cultural entities. The most recent event and the one with the greatest impact was Wiki Loves Monuments 2011, a competition to photograph monuments in 18 European countries, including Spain. The high level of participation led to 160,000 photographs of monuments being taken, with Spain occupying the third place in terms of number of photographs. In this paper we explore the origins, implementation, development and results of Wiki Loves Monuments. The success of the 2011 edition and requests from other countries has led to organization of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, which will be held at the global level. 3 0
Wikipedia Lover, Not a Hater: Harnessing Wikipedia to Increase the Discoverability of Library Resources Danielle Elder
R. Niccole Westbrook
Michele Reilly
Journal of Web Librarianship English 2012 During the spring of 2010, the University of Houston Libraries Digital Services Department began an initiative to promote existing and upcoming collections in the University of Houston Digital Library and drive traffic to the online repository. Spurred by an OCLC report (De Rosa et al. 2005) that only two percent of college and university students began research by consulting library resources, University of Houston Digital Services staff sought to add content from the University of Houston Digital Library to Wikipedia in order to insert primary source digital materials into the research workflow of students and faculty. As a result, referrals from Wikipedia to the University of Houston Digital Library have increased significantly and the pilot project is now the basis for an ongoing University of Houston Digital Services program. The structure and direction of the pilot project were a collaborative effort between University of Houston Digital Services staff and a University of North Texas Library and Information Science intern participating in the University of Houston Digital Services Digital Library Internship Program. Through this case study the authors cover the evolution of the University of Houston Digital Services Wikipedia pilot project and its growth into a permanent program. The authors also outline the workflows and procedures of the project and describes in detail the challenges and successes of the pilot Wikipedia project at University of Houston Digital Services. Included are lessons learned for libraries and cultural institutions interested in establishing a similar program. 0 2
To Wiki or Not to Wiki? Lori Byrd Phillips Museum English September 2011 0 0
Enriching Wikimedia Commons: A Virtuous Circle Erik Möller Wikimedia blog English
27 January 2010 0 0
Using Wikipedia to Extend Digital Collections Ann M. Lally
Carolyn E. Dunford
D-Lib Magazine English 2007 0 2
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