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Florian Schintke is an author.


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Scalaris: Reliable transactional P2P key/value store Web 2.0 hosting with erlang and java Key/value store
Erlang'08: Proceedings of the 2008 SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop English 2008 We present Scalaris, an Erlang implementation of a distributed key/value store. It uses, on top of a structured overlay network, replication for data availability and majority based distributed transactions for data consistency. In combination, this implements the ACID properties on a scalable structured overlay. By directly mapping the keys to the overlay without hashing, arbitrary key-ranges can be assigned to nodes, thereby allowing a better load-balancing than would be possible with traditional DHTs. Consequently, Scalaris can be tuned for fast data access by taking, e.g. the nodes' geographic location or the regional popularity of certain keys into account. This improves Scalaris' lookup speed in datacenter or cloud computing environments. Scalaris is implemented in Erlang. We describe the Erlang software architecture, including the transactional Java interface to access Scalaris. Additionally, we present a generic design pattern to implement a responsive server in Erlang that serializes update operations on a common state, while concurrently performing fast asynchronous read requests on the same state. As a proof-of-concept we implemented a simplified Wikipedia frontend and attached it to the Scalaris data store backend. Wikipedia is a challenging application. It requires - besides thousands of concurrent read requests per seconds - serialized, consistent write operations. For Wikipedia's category and backlink pages, keys must be consistently changed within transactions. We discuss how these features are implemented in Scalaris and show its performance. Copyright 0 0
Transactions for distributed wikis on structured overlays Concurrency control
Content management systems
Distributed transactions
Structured overlay networks
DSOM English 2007 0 0