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Felix Hon Hou Cheang is an author from Macau.


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Visualization of large category hierarchies Category
Hierarchical data
Information visualization
Large-scale data
Visual Information Communication - International Symposium English 2011 Large data repositories such as electronic journal databases, document corpora and wikis often organise their content into categories. Librarians, researchers, and interested users who wish to know the content distribution among different categories face the challenge of analysing large amounts of data. Information visualization can assist the user by shifting the analysis task to the human visual sub-system. In this paper we describe three visualization methods we have implemented, which help users understand category hierarchies and content distribution within large document repositories, and present an evaluation of these visualizations, pointing out each of their relative strengths for communicating information about the underlying category structure. 1 0
Wikipedia category visualization using radial layout Wikipedia
Information visualization
Radial layout
WikiSym English 2011 Wikipedia is a large and popular daily information source for millions of people. How are articles distributed by topic area, and what is the semantic coverage of Wikipedia? Using manual methods it is impractical to determine this. We present the design of an information visualization tool that produces overview diagrams of Wikipedia’s articles distributed according to category relationships, and show examples of visualizing English Wikipedia. 3 0