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Farookh Khadeer Hussain is an author.


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Semantic Wiki as a Basis for Software Engineering Ontology Evolution Ontology Management and Evolution
Semantic wiki
Software Engineering Ontology
OTM English 2009 0 0
Semantic Wiki as a basis for software engineering ontology evolution Ontology management and evolution
Semantic wiki
Software engineering ontology
Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2009 Ontology plays a vital role in sharing a common understanding of the domain among groups of people and provides terminology interpretable by machines. Recently, ontology has grown and continued to evolve constantly, but there are not many tools to provide an environment to support ontology evolution. This paper introduces a framework to support the management and maintenance leading to the evolution of Ontology by focusing on Software Engineering Ontology. The proposed framework will take into account the users' perspectives on the ontology and keep track of the comments in a formal manner. We propose the use of technology such as Semantic MediaWiki as a means to overcome the aforementioned problems. 0 0