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Faceted Wikipedia Search Business Information Systems is a 2010 publication written in English by Rasmus Hahn, Christian Bizer, Christopher Sahnwaldt, Christian Herta, Scott Robinson, Michaela Bürgle, Holger Düwiger, Ulrich Scheel.

[edit] Abstract

Wikipedia articles contain, besides free text, various types of structured information in the form of wiki markup. The type of wiki content that is most valuable for search are Wikipedia infoboxes, which display an article’s most relevant facts as a table of attribute-value pairs on the top right-hand side of the Wikipedia page. Infobox data is not used by Wikipedia’s own search engine. Standard Web search engines like Google or Yahoo also do not take advantage of the data. In this paper, we present Faceted Wikipedia Search, an alternative search interface for Wikipedia, which facilitates infobox data in order to enable users to ask complex questions against Wikipedia knowledge. By allowing users to query Wikipedia like a structured database, Faceted Wikipedia Search helps them to truly exploit Wikipedia’s collective intelligence.

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