Extending BCDM to cope with proposals and evaluations of updates

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Extending BCDM to cope with proposals and evaluations of updates is a 2013 journal article written in English by Anselma L., Bottrighi A., Montani S., Terenziani P. and published in IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering.

[edit] Abstract

The cooperative construction of data/knowledge bases has recently had a significant impulse (see, e.g., Wikipedia [1]). In cases in which data/knowledge quality and reliability are crucial, proposals of update/insertion/deletion need to be evaluated by experts. To the best of our knowledge, no theoretical framework has been devised to model the semantics of update proposal/evaluation in the relational context. Since time is an intrinsic part of most domains (as well as of the proposal/evaluation process itself), semantic approaches to temporal relational databases (specifically, Bitemporal Conceptual Data Model (henceforth, BCDM) [2]) are the starting point of our approach. In this paper, we propose BCDMPV, a semantic temporal relational model that extends BCDM to deal with multiple update/insertion/deletion proposals and with acceptances/rejections of proposals themselves. We propose a theoretical framework, defining the new data structures, manipulation operations and temporal relational algebra and proving some basic properties, namely that BCDMPV is a consistent extension of BCDM and that it is reducible to BCDM. These properties ensure consistency with most relational temporal database frameworks, facilitating implementations.

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