Evaluating article quality and editor reputation in Wikipedia

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Evaluating article quality and editor reputation in Wikipedia is a 2013 conference paper written in English by Lu Y., Zhang L., Li J. and published in Communications in Computer and Information Science.

[edit] Abstract

We study a novel problem of quality and reputation evaluation for Wikipedia articles. We propose a difficult and interesting question: How to generate reasonable article quality score and editor reputation in a framework at the same time? In this paper, We propose a dual wing factor graph(DWFG) model, which utilizes the mutual reinforcement between articles and editors to generate article quality and editor reputation. To learn the proposed factor graph model, we further design an efficient algorithm. We conduct experiments to validate the effectiveness of the proposed model. By leveraging the belief propagation between articles and editors, our approach obtains significant improvement over several alternative methods(SVM, LR, PR, CRF).

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