Enterprise wiki application scenarios and their relation to user motivation

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Enterprise wiki application scenarios and their relation to user motivation is a 2012 conference paper written in English by Lin D., Ehrlich S. and published in Proceedings of the European Conference on Knowledge Management, ECKM.

[edit] Abstract

A wide range of companies is already using social software. Enterprise wikis are the most frequently used type. The best-known example of a wiki is the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Many companies use Wikipedia as an example and thus establish an internal wiki encyclopedia. But there are also other purposes for which enterprise wikis can be used. For example, some companies use the wiki as a news portal, discussion platform or as a project management tool. In research there is still no adequate systematization of the possible uses of enterprise wikis. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to examine the different application scenarios of enterprise wikis and to explore application scenario-related motivational factors. To examine the application scenarios of enterprise wikis, a qualitative-oriented case study on the internal wiki of the company T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH was conducted. The Atlassian Confluence based wiki called 'TeamWeb' was introducedin 2008 and has gradually established itself as a global Intranet. A peculiarity of this wiki is that it is not strictly specified, how the staff has to work with it. In this way, over time many different application scenarios have been established. There are now about 56,000 wiki pages in TeamWeb. These wiki pages were analyzed and categorized to application scenarios. As a result, a classification is proposed which differentiates and characterizes four archetypical application scenarios of enterprise wikis: 'presentation & communication', 'encyclopaedia', 'project organization' and 'collaborative design'. Subsequently semi-structured interviews with selected employees were conducted in order to understand their motivation to wiki-use. It could be determined that the use of wikis is alwaysprimarily for 'egoistic' goals. 'Altruistic' goals, such as 'help others', however, were rarely mentioned as a primary motivation. To promote the use of enterprise wikis, it is therefore necessary to further the 'egoistic' application scenarios.

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