Enhancing Short Text Clustering with Small External Repositories

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Enhancing Short Text Clustering with Small External Repositories is a 2010 journal article written in English by Petersen H., Poon J. and published in Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology Series.

[edit] Abstract

The automatic clustering of textual data according to their semantic concepts is a challenging, yet important task. Choosing an appropriate method to apply when clustering text depends on the nature of the documents being analysed. For example, traditional clustering algorithms can struggle to correctly model collections of very short text due to their extremely sparse nature. In recent times, much attention has been directed to finding methods for adequately clustering short text. Many popular approaches employ large, external document repositories, such as Wikipedia or the Open Directory Project, to incorporate additional world knowledge into the clustering process. However the sheer size of many of these external collections can make these techniques difficult or time consuming to apply. This paper also employs external document collections to aid short text clustering performance. The external collections are referred to in this paper as Background Knowledge. In contrast to most previous literature a separate collection of Background Knowledge is obtained for each short text dataset. However, this Background Knowledge contains several orders of magnitude fewer documents than commonly used repositories like Wikipedia. A simple approach is described where the Background Knowledge is used to re-express short text in terms of a much richer feature space. A discussion of how best to cluster documents in this feature space is presented. A solution is proposed, and an experimental evaluation is performed that demonstrates significant improvement over clustering based on standard metrics with several publicly available datasets represented in the richer feature space.

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