Enciclopédias na web 2.0: colaboração e moderação na Wikipédia e Britannica Online

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Enciclopédias na web 2.0: colaboração e moderação na Wikipédia e Britannica Online is a 2009 journal article written in Portuguese by Carlos Frederico de Brito d’Andréa and published in Em Questão: Revista da Faculdade de Biblioteconomia e Comunicação da UFRGS.

[edit] Abstract

This paper compares the editorial policies of Wikipedia and Britannica Online, with focus in openness to public participation and the mechanisms of moderation to allow or limit the collective editing of articles. The description and analysis of those mechanisms consider the technical resources that enable collaboration and validation of information, the rules of internal management of content and community of users. Despite some common features shared by both projects, we point out fundamental differences in those initiatives, such as valuing expertise (Britannica) or the engagement of users (Wikipedia).

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