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Eleftherios Kayafas is an author.


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Determinants of wiki diffusion in the greek education system Compatibility
Multiple linear regression
Professor motivation
Relative advantage
Student personal interests
Wiki diffusion
Technics Technologies Education Management English 2012 The present study investigates the determinants of wiki diffusion in education. The model presented in this work examines four facilitators and one inhibitor of wiki diffusion among Greek high school students. The sample population of the research was chosen randomly from three schools of the Greek prefecture of Eastern Macedonia. Factor analysis and multiple linear regression analysis were conducted to examine whether, and to what extent, wiki diffusion is affected by factors such as relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, student personal interests and professor motivation. The analysis revealed that the most significant determinant of wiki diffusion is the personal interest of the student for information search. On the other hand, as supported by the literature, complexity was proved to be an inhibitor of wiki expansion in education. Professor motivation, relative advantage and compatibility can also encourage wiki diffusion, though in a smaller scale. 0 0
Design and implementation of a VoiceXML-driven wiki application for assistive environments on the web English 2010 Abstract  In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of an audio wiki application accessible via both the Public Switched Telephone Network and the Internet. The application exploits mature World Wide Web Consortium standards, such as VoiceXML, Speech Synthesis Markup Language, and Speech Recognition Grammar Specification toward achieving our goals. The purpose of such an application is to assist visually impaired, technologically uneducated, and underprivileged people in accessing information originally intended to be accessed visually via a personal computer (PC). Users may access wiki content via fixed or mobile phones, or via a PC using a Web Browser or a Voice over IP service. This feature promotes pervasiveness to collaboratively created content to an extremely large population, i.e., those who simply own a telephone line. 0 0
A pervasive wiki application based on VoiceXML VoiceXML
Audio information system
Information system
PETRA English 2008 0 0
Collaborative e-learning environments enhanced by wiki technologies English 2008 E-learning environments have met rapid technological advancements in the previous years. Nevertheless, current e-learning techniques do not adequately support student interaction and collaboration, resulting in decreased student progress and motivation. In this paper, a blended technique combining collaborative forums and wiki technologies is proposed. Through collaborative forums, students discuss course related topics assigned by the tutors to produce new educational material. This material is then stored in the wiki platform for further use. The proposed technique was applied on an e-learning course provided by the National Technical University of Athens and its effectiveness was evaluated using student activity data and questionnaire analysis. Results showed that the technique adequately supported teamwork, increasing student motivation and progress while simultaneously producing satisfactory level educational material. 0 0