Edutech Wiki - an all-in-one solution to support whole scholarship?

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Edutech Wiki - an all-in-one solution to support whole scholarship? is a 2008 conference paper written in English by Daniel K. Schneider and published in World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications.

[edit] Abstract

One of the greatest challenges to educational technologists is to apply our research to ourselves, e.g. use technology to enhance our own intellectual development, as well as the way we teach and interact with others. There are many explanations why technology is underused. One is the uncomfortable relationship between research and teaching. Boyer distinguishes between scholarship of discovery, integration, application and teaching. Only the first one (research) is relevant in terms of career planning. It is a bad strategy to invest in time-consuming technology-enhanced pedagogies, in collective knowledge building or in application activities. However, most academics still might agree that these would be “nice to have”. Edutech Wiki ( is an attempt to lower the cost of engagement in Boyer’s “lesser” scholarships though using the same medium for multiple purposes. We will report on some outcomes, some of which can be considered good practice.

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