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Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Creating an extended named entity dictionary from wikipedia Ryuichiro Higashinaka
Tsu K.S.
Saito K.
Makino T.
Yutaka Matsuo
24th International Conference on Computational Linguistics - Proceedings of COLING 2012: Technical Papers English 2012 Automatic methods to create entity dictionaries or gazetteers have used only a small number of entity types (18 at maximum), which could pose a limitation for fine-grained information extraction. This paper aims to create a dictionary of 200 extended named entity (ENE) types. Using Wikipedia as a basic resource, we classify Wikipedia titles into ENE types to create an ENE dictionary. In our method, we derive a large number of features for Wikipedia titles and train a multiclass classifier by supervised learning. We devise an extensive list of features for the accurate classification into the ENE types, such as those related to the surface string of a title, the content of the article, and the meta data provided with Wikipedia. By experiments, we successfully show that it is possible to classify Wikipedia titles into ENE types with 79.63% accuracy. We applied our classifier to all Wikipedia titles and, by discarding low-confidence classification results, created an ENE dictionary of over one million entities covering 182 ENE types with an estimated accuracy of 89.48%. This is the first large scale ENE dictionary. 0 0
WikiPics: Multilingual image search based on wiki-mining Daniel Kinzler WikiSym 2010 English 2010 This demonstration introduces WikiPics, a language-independent image search engine for Wikimedia Commons. Based on the multilingual thesaurus provided by WikiWord, WikiPics allows users to search and navigate Wikimedia Commons in their preferred language, even though images on Commons are annotated in English nearly exclusively. 0 0
WikiPics: multilingual image search based on Wiki-mining Daniel Kinzler WikiSym English 2010 0 0
Translating the DEMGOL Etymological Dictionary of Greek Mythology with the BEYTrans Wiki Youcef Bey
Kyo Kageura
Christian Boitet
Francesca Marzari
WikiSym English 2008 0 0
On the evolution of computer terminology and the SPOT on-line dictionary project Hynek J.
Brada P.
Openness in Digital Publishing: Awareness, Discovery and Access - Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, ELPUB 2007 English 2007 In this paper we discuss the issue of ICT terminology and translations of specific technical terms. We also present SPOT - a new on-line dictionary of computer terminology. SPOT's web platform is adaptable to any language and/or field. We hope that SPOT will become an open platform for discussing controversial computer terms (and their translations into Czech) among professionals. The resulting on-line computer dictionary is freely available to the general public, university teachers, students, editors and professional translators. The dictionary includes some novel features, such as presenting translated terms used in several different contexts - a feature highly appreciated namely by users lacking technical knowledge for deciding which of the dictionary terms being offered should be used. 0 0