Design and code reviews in the age of the internet

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Design and code reviews in the age of the internet is a 2008 journal article written in English by Meyer B. and published in Communications of the ACM.

[edit] Abstract

Eiffel Software has applied code reviews while developing EiffelStudio, a large integrated development environment (IDE), which supports Web-based code review. EiffelStudio applies the seamless development principle, treating specification, design, and analysis as a continuum rather than as a sequence of separate steps. The tools needed to support code distributed reviews include voice communication similar to a conference call, written communication, Google Docs for shared documents, and WebEx sharing tool for sharing screens. The standard-review page structure includes choice of abstractions, other aspects of API design and architecture, contracts, programming style, global comments, and adherence to official coding practices. The EiffelStudio team ensures that the review results are made available as pat of the EiffelStudio open-source development site based on WiKi pages.

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